October Theme | Resilience

Resilience – A reservoir of strength overcome challenges

A shout out to our trainers Brent and Jared for coming up with this month’s theme – resilience! I love that theme, as it speaks to the strength and fortitude we all have within us to deal with stresses and challenges. I think of resilience along three dimensions: physical, mental and spiritual. 

Physical resilience – Obvious for a gym, our primary objective is to help you develop strength and stamina so that you can handle day-to-day physical activities and excel in your athletic pursuits, but how we do that is different from other gyms….

Mental resilience – In his book “Can’t Hurt Me”, former Navy Seal and multi record-setting endurance athlete David Goggins shares his 40% rule, which states that when you physically feel tapped out you’re only 40% done. YOU STILL HAVE 60% IN RESERVE! We can tap into that reserve through mental
toughness and stamina, being able to psychologically push ourselves to overcome those physical challenges.

Spiritual resilience – This is where we really get to the core of what Dogma Athletica represents. We want to help our clients develop the core skills of having true resilience: mindfulness, self-care, positive relationships, and PURPOSE! Through these core skills, we can find joy and fulfillment even during life’s challenges, whether from work, family relationships, or trying to reduce that golf handicap!

Endurance Sports Coaching

Along with personal training, Dogma Athletica is now offering endurance sports coaching for cycling and triathlon. Our staff have a record of success competing in swimming, road and gravel bike racing and triathlon, while working in very demanding senior executive careers and being engaged parents and
spouses. We combine first-hand experience of balancing training and everyday life with the scientific principles of training from world-renowned researchers such as Drs. Steven Seiler, Andy Pruitt, Allen Lim and Stacy Sims.

Our coaching services range from self-executed plans oriented around your current fitness and event objectives to highly customized training programs including multi-zone sport strength analysis, regular update and feedback calls, and one-on-one in-facility strength and conditioning training.