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Dogma Lean & Strong

We can help you lose weight and tone up with our high intensity intervals class with either lighter weights to burn those calories, or heavier weights to develop strength and stamina.


Mindful Mobility

Challenges with flexibility? Suffer limited range of motion? Need more core strength? Our Mindful Mobility class will develop your balance, flexibility, range of motion and core strength.



Suffering from gym-timidation when it comes to strength training? Our TRX class uses your body or easy-to-handle dumbbells to develop strength in an easily approachable and welcoming format.



Do you enjoy dancing to fast pumping house music? Then come join this high energy, fast moving class with a thumping soundtrack!


Dogma Loose

How do you want to get ready for the weekend? Maybe with a relaxing routine that will improve your flexibility while working on your core strength.


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