September Theme | Gratitude

This is something new that you will see on a monthly basis, me offering perspectives not just on physical fitness, but on life and how to live it live it with purpose and intent.

I bought Dogma Athletica from Rod and Michelle because of the positive impact I see this place having on our staff, clients and community. And it fit perfectly with my life purpose of having positive impact on those around me, and like a pebble tossed into a pond having a ripple effect with that impact expanding in every direction to eventually reach far distant shores.
I love how Rod and Michelle ran the business with a monthly theme to the workouts. And in continuing that  approach, this month’s theme is gratitude.
We chose the theme gratitude because of the perspective and feelings I have for Rod and Michelle giving me this opportunity to become part of a wonderful community and the assistance they have provided during this transition. And I hope in turn that I have given them cause for feeling gratitude for how we have worked together to facilitate all the transition items they need to handle in in their relocation to the Denver area.
But most importantly, we chose gratitude to be mindful of how we feel about all of you. Psychologists have found that having a practice of gratitude helps dramatically improve mental health and well-being, but the practice needs to be grounded in very specific reasons for gratitude in order to truly be mindful of it. So, specifically, we are grateful for the time you spend with us in the gym or on zoom training sessions because we know the importance of time, the one limited resource we all have. We are grateful for the learning opportunities we have – to share with you our knowledge of exercise science and to learn from you and your life experiences. And we are grateful for the sense of community you have helped build through authentic relationships, shared experiences, and telling others about Dogma Athletica.
One of the transition items Rod, Michelle and I have been working on together is hiring a new trainer to handle Rod and Michelle’s clients. It was important to us to find someone with an exceptional background in and knowledge of kinesiology, the science of human movement. And we have found that person – her name is Faith De Haan and she will be starting with us on Tuesday September 6th. Faith has a masters degree in kinesiology and a clinical background having worked in a spinal cord injury recovery setting and having had her own physical training practice. Stop in next week to meet Faith and have a conversation about how she could help you with your fitness goals.
I am truly grateful to now be a part of this community, and I look forward to growing its impact with your help. Thank you and we hope to see you soon.

Dan Swenson