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The Team

Dan Swenson owner of Dogma Athletica

Dan Swenson


A former Fortune 500 executive and father of four, Dan understands firsthand how a structured fitness plan and healthy competition can provide a therapeutic release to the stresses of our careers (and everyday life!). Notoriously humble, yet driven to challenge his own boundaries, Dan holds the record for the fastest known time cycling across the state of Wisconsin, has achieved masters championships in both cycling and triathlon, flew a Russian stunt plane over the Pacific Ocean and performed as a “boy band” member in an off-Broadway musical. Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer + Nutrition Coach; USA Cycling Level 2 Coach, USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach

Bryan Maroney coach at Dogma Athletica

Bryan Maroney


A lifelong athlete with more than a decade of training under his belt, Bryan specializes in creating custom exercise plans that improve both mobility and strength. Having suffered several setbacks as a rugby player, injury prevention is central to his approach. For clients facing their own rehabilitation hurdles, Bryan takes pride in not only restoring their former state of fitness, but also helping achieve a greater level of well-being that surpasses each client’s previous experiences. Certifications: B.S. in Exercise Science, Licensed Athletic Trainer, Certified Athletic Trainer

Faith De Haan coach at Dogma Athletica

Faith De Haan


As a multi-sport collegiate athlete with the passion for the outdoors, maintaining a balanced cross training regime has always been a part of Faith’s fitness philosophy. In her pursuit of higher education, she has also trained individuals recovering from such severe episodes as spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders. This scientific insight informs all her current client relationships, with a focus on functional movement and intentional, tailor-fit programming. Certifications: BS in Exercise Science, MS in Exercise Physiology

Brent Sands coach at Dogma Athletica

Brent Sands


A former NCAA college athlete and professional hockey player, “Sandzy” continues to hit the ice as a center (and 9-year veteran) for the Vail Yetis. Outside the rink, the gym has always been his favorite setting-especially when weight lifting, which led to his focus in strength and conditioning. Brent shares our Dogma Athletica team’s passion for mindfulness and precision in fitness, and we greatly appreciate his drive to continue learning as an individual athlete and a trainer. Certifications: BA in Exercise Science, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Jared Saunders coach at Dogma Athletica

Jared Saunders


A specialist in athletic-based movement and swing sports, “J-rod” brings a quiet, thoughtful presence to our training floor. With a particular fascination for weight training as a performance-enhancing tool, his programs focus on mastering the seven essential movement patterns (push, pull, squat, lunge, hinge, rotation and gait), as well as building total body strength. Drawn to scientifically-backed methods and a community-based training model, Jared has become an essential member of our Dogma Athletica training team. Certifications: BS and MS in Kinesiology, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Behavior Change Specialist

Katie Jane Denton coach at Dogma Athletica

KJ (Katie-Jane) Denton


As a Colorado native, outdoor adventure runs in KJ’s blood. Her former career in dance-including personal injury rehab and prevention through Pilates-informs her work, with a focus on cross training, sports agility and core strength. Over more than 12 years of training, her tireless energy and positivity has kept our team inspired, and everyone in the Dogma Athletica family benefits from her emphasis on “form first, movement second.” Fair warning to new clients: be ready for a hug! Certifications: BFA in Dance, Certified Personal Trainer, BASI Pilates Certified, 044 Method Director of Teacher Training, Pure Barre Master Teacher Trainer, AKT Trainer

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