February Theme | Connection

Inaugural Member(s) of the Month – Ryan and Kim Westendorf

February!  The snow has been flying, the lift lines short(ish), and Valentine’s Day approaching has us thinking about those close to us.  Our February theme of Connection seems perfect as we congratulate Bryan and Katie, two of our trainers, on their recent engagement!  They are a great couple, and their presence is one of the things that makes Dogma Athletica such a fun place!

Dogma Athletica personal trainers Bryan and Katie are happy to share the news of their engagement with the Vail Valley community in Avon and Edwards Colorado.

Our Connection theme also lends itself well to our new initiative (remember January’s theme?) of highlighting a Member(s) of the Month!

As we thought about who personifies the theme of “Connection” and the fun, engaging and personable vibe of Dogma Athletica there was one particular couple that came to mind – Ryan and Kim Westendorf!

Dogma Athletica February members of the month.  Celebrating fitness training in Avon, Edwards and the Vail Valley Colorado

Any time Ryan and Kim are in the gym the energy just kicks up another level!  Whether it’s them joking around with whoever happens to be in that day, Ryan entertaining us with his favorite Cowboys onesie, or Kim ribbing (gently, of course!) Bryan or Katie, you’ll find smiles on the faces of everyone!

Misti and I have been fortunate to develop a friendship with Ryan and Kim, so it was like reliving some of our prior conversations when I sat down to do a quick interview with them.

Member of the Month Interview – Kim and Ryan Westendorf

So, give us a quick version of your backstory.  Like a number of people in the Valley, you’re not from here – where are you from and what brought you to the Valley?

“We were born and raised within 10 miles of one another in Southern California.  We lived most of our lives there, but as our two daughters grew and prepared to leave the house we started spending more time in the Vail Valley.  Each time we were here we didn’t want to go back to California!  So, when our youngest graduated we decided to sell our home and relocate full-time to the Valley.”

Let’s rewind a bit on that first part – you grew up within 10 miles of one another?  When did you first meet?

“We met in 4th grade!”

I think that probably qualifies you among our friends as the couple that knew one another earliest! When were you sure that the two of you would be “a thing”?

Kim, “We dated through school and college, but when we were graduating from college Ryan came and stayed with me during my last semester.  When I would leave in the morning he would be watching The Weather Channel, and when I got back in the afternoons he would STILL be watching The Weather Channel!  So I said, ‘uh, I’m not sure about this!’”

Ryan, “All right, but the weather here is fascinating compared to California.  We actually have seasons!”

Kim, I’m happy to see you were able to accept Ryan’s desire to be a meteorologist!  But besides Ryan’s fascination with our mountain weather patterns, what else do the two of you enjoy about the Vail Valley?

“The outdoor centric nature of the people and culture.  The people who are here WANT to be here.  Plus, it’s a slower pace of life with an emphasis on being out in nature.  That’s what gets us up and going!”

And when you’re up and going, what would you say really makes your day better?

Kim, “Sharing a deep laugh!”

Ryan, “I have to say my day is much better when [CENSORED BY OUR EDITORS]”

I like both answers!  But steering towards something our editors will let me send out…let’s talk about your focus on being outdoors – what are some of your favorite activities?

“Hiking, snow sports, cross country skiing.  The list goes on.  The Valley is like the Swiss Army knife of outdoor fun!  And given our training with Bryan, we’re able to enjoy it more now than a year ago.  We’ll go out skiing hard multiple laps without breaks.  And we’ve had friends make the same observation.”

Speaking of friends, if you had an opportunity to get a message across to a broad group of them, what would it be?

“Slow down and connect.  Give someone your undivided attention.  And most of all, just be good!”

As Member(s) of the Month, we are happy to gift Kim and Ryan a complimentary month membership fee and a pair of Dogma Athletica t-shirts!