November Theme | Reflection

Internal reflection.

Reflecting on who we are.  The experiences that have formed our lives.  The relationships that have influenced us.  Our mistakes and what we have learned from them.  Our successes and how they have propelled us forward.

External reflection.

How we interact with the people in our lives.  The energy we choose to project into the world.  The impressions we desire to leave with or on those around us.  The positive impact we have by choosing to live with purpose.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately.  Reflecting on the path that brought me here to Dogma Athletica.  Reflecting on the missteps I’ve made, learning from them and turning them into opportunities for growth.  Reflecting on the relationships I’ve formed in this short time.  Reflecting on how I’ve seen our staff have positive impact on our clients.  Reflecting on how our staff and all of you have positively impacted me.

Each day when we get out of bed, we have a fresh opportunity to reflect into the world the positive aspects we have gained from our life experiences and learnings.  Whether with our families, friends, colleagues or the random people who cross our paths, we can choose to be purposeful in our interactions with them and be positive influences on the world around us.

Ski / Ride Readiness Program

Two weeks until the launch of our annual Ski and Ride Readiness Training Program!  This twice a week program will work your core endurance and power movements.  It will help develop injury resistance and enhance your overall athleticism.  We have received great feedback about this program in years past and are excited to offer it again. Pricing for the full 12-session program: $300 for members, $360 for non-members. (Drop in prices available as well)

Endurance Sports Assessments and Coaching

We are excited to be partnered with INSCYD Performance Physiology to be offering remote and in person metabolic assessments for cycling and running, and to be offering cycling and triathlon coaching services.

INSCYD provides insight to your individual performance metrics – your VO2 Max, at what power or pace you’re primarily burning fat versus carbs, and what training zones will target your aerobic versus anaerobic systems.  We then turn this insight into actionable training plans and race pacing strategies.  

Touch base with us now so we can help get your base training going for a successful race season in 2023!