June Theme | Adaptation


“A man is worked upon by what he works on. He may carve out his circumstances,
but his circumstances will carve him out as well.” ―Frederick Douglass

A couple weekends ago I took part in an 100-mile off-road bike race stretching across the desert of western Colorado into Utah. I came into the race hopeful for a strong result, but knowing it was unlikely given the prior three days of travel, revelry, and little sleep involved with celebrating our youngest son’s collegiate graduation.

When the race hit the gravel roads the group surged ahead and my heart rate soared to near its maximum, even as the effort was modest given what I’ve done before. I had no choice but to back off the pace and let the lead group, then the second group, and then the third group ride away up the road.

I had a choice to make. Turn around and ride back to the start dejected that my body was not able to compete that day. Or adapt to the reality of the consequences of (over) celebrating with my family and treat it as a long training ride rather than a race.

I adapted. And in the process, I gave my body the opportunity to adapt to the physical rigors of a long, hot and dusty event. The physical adaptations will make me stronger for events later in the year. I also gave my mind the opportunity to adapt to a difficult situation and find an alternative way of approaching it. Those mental adaptations help me continue to build resilience and flexibility in the face of adversity.

The Transformative Power of Adaptation

Physical challenges create physical adaptation. Just like a sculptor molding clay, our bodies undergo remarkable transformations when faced with these challenges. Muscles grow stronger, endurance increases, and overall physical performance improves. It is through these physical adaptations that we realize the true strength and potential that lies within us.

While physical adaptation is vital, mental adaptation is equally significant in our journey towards personal growth and success. Life presents us with a multitude of obstacles and setbacks, requiring us to adapt our mindset and approach. Developing mental flexibility allows us to navigate these challenges with grace and resilience, enabling us to overcome adversity and thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Once we understand the transformative power of both physical and mental adaptation, how can we incorporate them in our daily lives? Here are a few tips to guide you on your path to personal success:

• Embrace Change: Instead of resisting change, welcome it with open arms. Life’s ever-changing nature offers us opportunities for growth and discovery. Seek new experiences, step outside your comfort zone, and face the unknown.

• Embrace Failure: Failure is not a destination but merely a steppingstone on the road to success. Use it as an opportunity to learn, adjust, and grow. Failure is not a reflection of your abilities but a catalyst for improvement.

• Cultivate Resilience: Resilience is the fuel that propels us forward. Enhance your resilience by building a strong support system, practicing self-care, and developing a positive mindset.

Dogma Athletica June Member of the Month – Don Welch

Dogma Athletica member of the month

When it comes to members who are happy to give constructive feedback and suggestions, it’s hard to beat Don Welch!  And we mean that as a sincere compliment – Don is a great advocate for Dogma Athletica, telling folks all around the Valley about his great experiences at the gym. That’s part of the reason why we’re pleased to have Don as our June member of the month!  Here are a few highlights from the quick interview I did with Don for the newsletter:

Don, how long have you been here in the Valley?

We moved here in 1968. At first we lived in West Vail, but eventually built a house out on Lake Creek in 1979.  I retired a few years ago, and it’s been great to spend my retirement here.

What sort of activities do you spend time doing in your retirement?

I’m a tinkerer and a car fan.  I used to have some really high performance cars, like Porsches and a Super Performance Cobra.  But with those I had to constantly be cautious and really conservative driving them around.  I sold them and thought it would be fun to have an old four door touring Model T.  I found one in Evergreen and brought it up here. It’s 105 years old and requires a LOT of tinkering to keep running well.  Probably the most work goes into maintaining the wooden wheels.  They’ve got to be tightened and trued on a regular basis.

Sounds like a fun way to see the Valley at a relaxed pace!  How long have you been a member here at Dogma Athletica and what brought you to the gym?

Like everyone else in the Valley, I enjoy the outdoor activities like skiing and bike riding.  Bike riding is how I came to Dogma back in 2012 or 2013.  I used to do the Computrainer classes 3 days a week during the winter months and sometimes in the summer as well to avoid the traffic on the roads (note – we once still offer indoor cycling training classes during the winter.  Those will kick off again in October!)

I started doing the yoga classes a while back, and now the Mindful Mobility and TRX classes provide great options for me.  Especially the TRX, it helps with strength –especially in the legs which has been realty noticeable.

Don, thinking about all of these experiences, are there any parting words of advice you would offer?

Keep moving – deliberately.  As the saying goes, “motion is lotion.”  For your body and your brain, being active is so important.

Out of appreciation for Don and him telling others about Dogma Athletica, we are happy to give him a Dogma Athletica t-shirt and complimentary month membership!

Dogma Athletica is pleased to partner with the Vail Valley Charitable Fund (www.VVCF.org) to promote the LG Triathlon – a Sprint Triathlon (500 yard open water swim, 12 mile bike, 5K run) occurring July 8th, 2023 in Gypsum.  The LG Triathlon is a fun local race that serves as a fundraiser for the VVCF’s mission to assist individuals who live and work in the Vail Valley deal with financial hardships due to a medical crisis or long-term illness, and provide low-cost dental care to families in need.  Over the past 24 years, the VVCF has distributed $9 million to over 2,000 families in our community to help them cover medical, dental and associated expenses.

We invite direct donations to VVCF here and encourage you to register for the LG Tri here.