August Theme – Momentum

“Once you believe that what you’re setting out to do will be worth the effort, dedication and sacrifice that you’re about to put in, you’ve already taken the first step in creating momentum.” – Amanda Rider

I enjoy coming up with a theme for each month at Dogma Athletica.  Sometimes the theme has been set months in advance and seems to fit the circumstances and goings on here perfectly.  Other months things unfold in a way that indicates a new idea and specific theme for the events of the time.  This month is one of the latter of the two.

In sports we often hear the term “momentum” used to describe how a game can turn around, how a team can hit a hot streak during a season, or how an athlete can put up an amazing performance which few would have that possible.  The Tour de France this month was one of the closest races during the final several days, with the two leaders separated by only 10 seconds after hundreds of mountainous miles.  Until the individual time-trial state 16.  In a time-trial, one rider at a time takes off, racing against the clock to complete a course in the shortest time possible.  It is one of the most physically demanding and mentally painful types of racing as the athletes are going at maximum, all-out effort from the very start.  During the stage Jonas Vingegaard demolished the competition – putting 1:38 into second place and creating momentum that translated to him extending his lead by another 5:45 on the following day – which carried on to him winning the Tour this past weekend.

While we are certainly not world-class riders, Misti and I have enjoyed seeing recent momentum here at Dogma Athletica.  As I hope you have felt and experienced, Misti and I took on the challenge and excitement of small business ownership of boutique fitness facility from the desire to positively impact people’s lives.  Not just their physical lives but their overall wellbeing in a way that they – you – can pay it forward to a broader community.  We have a strong belief in the purpose of what we’ve set out to do and the effort, dedication and sacrifice are creating momentum in the positive impact all of you have outside the gym.

You’ve hopefully noticed the new faces in the gym, have joined one of the new classes we are offering, and have felt energized by the positive environment everyone here helps create!

I also hope that each of you have something in your life that provides you a sense of purpose.  Something that is worth your effort, dedication, and sacrifice.  Whether it be a fitness-oriented endeavor that we can directly help with, or something completely different – in the arts, business, relationship-oriented, philanthropic – dedicate yourself to it.  Give it your passion, energy, and focus to generate momentum – and take the time to enjoy the successes you will see as a result.