January Theme | Initiative

”The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” Laozi, Chinese Philosopher

How often is it in life that you may have felt overwhelmed by the complexity of a problem or the enormity of a task at hand?

My guess is frequently.

And I would surmise there is one common theme to how we solve those problems or rise up to the task at hand.

We take initiative.

We find within ourselves the resolve to take that single step. We identify our resources, enlist the help of others, create a plan and we take action.

George Elliott wrote, “It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses, we must plant more roses.” What richness in simplicity! If we want good things to develop in our lives, we cannot simply sit around waiting for them to happen. We must take steps to bring those things into being:

  • Laying out our plots (organizing our lives);

  • Selecting the appropriate seedlings (identifying what we want to bring forth);

  • Cultivating the soil (developing ourselves and the relationships around us);

  • Planting the rose seedling (taking that key action to initiate our desired outcome);

  • Watering the bush as it grows (providing the inputs to grow ourselves or those around us);

  • And judiciously pruning (cutting out the extraneous to focus on the important).

I’m a firm believer in initiative but know that we need help along the way. That’s why I love what Dogma Athletica represents – we are here to HELP you take the initiative on your journey to fitness.

As part of that, we are taking the initiative to schedule quarterly touch base conversations with each of our active clients to assess how we are doing helping you reach your goals. Mutual accountability!

It all begins with a single step. Stop in and see us!