Michelle Connolly founded In Your Face skincare to provide clients with the best custom corrective facials. Sharing a space with Dogma Athletica has afforded the holistic approach Michelle had in mind when she opened In Your Face. She calls the business a “Skin Fitness Studio” because just as you must work to keep your body fit and healthy, you must also work to keep your skin fit and healthy.

The skin is our largest, and one of the most important organs of the body. Through corrective facials, a good home care regime, supplements, proper nutrition and exercise, the aging process can be slowed down. Michelle hopes that clients appreciate the synergy between a fitness regimen and a proper skincare regimen to bring skin to its optimum health and beauty.

Michelle individually designs each facial based on the client’s needs and goals. Additionally, she uses skin care lines that every discerning customer wants: pure, fresh and natural, with quality-driven ingredients that deliver results. She never uses products with dyes, artificial coloring or fragrances.