At Dogma Athletica, we understand what a vital role nutrition plays in achieving optimal health. Nutrition is one of the primary components in feeling & looking your best, and is essential in any performance training protocol. We abide by a whole foods approach; no fads or the "next big thing" diet trends.  We help our clients understand the role all macro nutrients play in our health by explaining how nutrient-dense, natural, non-processed foods align with the needs of the body and brain. We also educate clients on the role emotion plays in eating habits and we help them to work through cravings and unhealthy patterns. Ultimately, we want our clients to have a positive relationship with cooking and eating.

We specialize in certain areas:
• 30-Day Lean Out Nutrition Plan
• Anti-Inflammatory Clean Eating Plans
• Proper Fueling for Endurance Athletes

Dogma's professionals can custom build a nutrition plan for you based on your goals and dietary restrictions.

  • Dogma changed my life.  Since we joined in 2007, I have never let my fitness go.  Training in the weight room and CompuTrainer studio taught me what I could do, and how to push myself to do more. It's great to exercise, ride and socialize with like-minded people. And a special thank-you to Rod…it made me feel appreciated & valued every time he said “Bye J, have a great day!” after working out. Dogma is an awesome place!

    J. B.