In 2006, Rod and Michelle Connolly created Dogma Athletica to bring a more comprehensive and cerebral approach to training and wellness. Since then, Dogma has established itself as one of the world's premier high-altitude training centers.

Dogma Athletica translates to "A belief in the athletic process."   To promote this belief within the community, Dogma adopted the motto, "Live It." Members and guests at Dogma can count on engaging programs with benefits that enhance life long after the session or class is over.

Dogma Athletica is a full training center with an athletic-movement-designed, cutting edge gym.  You will find Colorado's largest Compu-Trainer cycling studio, diagnostic and metabolic testing equipment, a full fleet of Woodway treadmills, including a Super-Mill for gait analyses, and the Vail Valley's top-rated yoga studio.  What really distinguishes Dogma Athletica from other centers, though, is the quality of the trainers and coaches.   Dogma has cycling and endurance coaches, as well as elite trainers who are the best in their fields and live what they coach every day.  

Dogma Athletica is the perfect adjunct to any of Live It Cycling's programs in the Vail Valley.  The Dogma facility offers strength and movement assessments, bike fits and metabolic testing to make for the most complete coaching experience possible.

  • I was referred to Dogma by a close friend.  I had been overweight and out of shape for the past 12 years and because of my age I was skeptical about how beneficial the program would be for me.  The Dogma 50 day challenge changed my life.  I was 235lbs, had a 38” waist, high blood pressure and was taking medication for high cholesterol.  Thanks to the program I am now 199” lbs, have a 34 waist, no longer take cholesterol medication and my blood pressure is that of a 20 year old.  If you are willing to commit to this program you will see the results you’re looking for.

    Lloyd Y.