Bike Fitting

Cycling can be a wonderful sport and when done correctly, a lifelong pursuit. But being poorly fit on a bicycle can lead to chronic injury. At Dogma Athletica, we perform dynamic bike fits for both members and non-members. We are able to do fittings for road, time-trial or mountain bikes.  Our certified fitters use methods learned from Boulder Sports Medicine and Tiemeyer fitting.

Bike Fitters look at a rider’s anatomy, pedaling mechanics, foot structure, mobility, current bike fit and cleat placement to make the best adjustments possible. They are also able to help clients find the best frame size and geometry possible before spending money on a new bike.

Please contact to schedule a bike fitting.


Physiological and Performance Testing

Regular physiological testing can be the most overlooked tool to structuring any athlete’s plan. These tests give your coach the markers needed to customize a plan based on you. Continued testing ensures that the coach and client are working toward a goal in the proper way. It allows us to systematically improve the athlete's performance over an extended period of time.

In a controlled environment you will be led through several tests that give you and your coach information to train properly, identify weaknesses, monitor progress and predict potential.

Please see the “Testing Services” page for more information on available tests and pricing.

Join Dogma's Club on Strava

Join Dogma's club on Strava. See where your friends at Dogma are riding and find new friends to ride wtih on both road and mountain bikes.

  • "I needed a physical to update my life insurance policy.  My physician contacted me with the results and he seemed somewhat surprised.
    All my markers showed improved health — blood markers, hormone profiles, weight and body composition.  He indicated I have actually increased
    my vitality and youthfulness even though I am getting older.  He indicated that he almost never sees this.  This also saved me a lot of money on 
    my insurance premiums.  I attribute this positive change to the good work and support I have received at Dogma the last few years.  Thank you so
    much for providing expert training and a supportive culture.  I am a testament to your good work."