The Vail Valley is a world-class cycling location, both for road cycling and mountain biking. But due to our high winter and spring snowfalls it can be difficult for cyclists to get the necessary training and buildup to properly prepare for the outdoor seasons. With CompuTrainer, you get the best road-like feel of any training tool possible. The interactive program allows you to train with power, heart rate and cadence. You are able to ride famous routes and challenging races. We even have some of our local rides in the computer system.

Dogma Athletica is proud to offer 12 Compu-Trainer stations for group and individual workouts. The ride information and courses are projected onto 80-inch home theatre screens to provide a unique interactive experience. CompuTrainer cycling is perfectly suited to Dogma Athletica's philosophy of helping our clientele best train for the active pursuits they enjoy in our outdoor environment. 

Studies have shown that CompuTrainer is even more effective as a training tool stimulus than outdoor rides. Many pro-level cyclists and tri-athletes use CompuTrainer for a good portion of their training. And the CompuTrainer platform is also great for beginning cyclists as it helps them get used to shifting gears and learning how to pace their efforts in a completely safe environment.

At Dogma Athletica, you have the option of bringing your own bike in to ride on the system or to ride one of our four position bikes. Come in to do your own ride during designated open times or sign up for a class with our experienced CompuTrainer instructors. The CompuTrainer cycling program at Dogma Athletica will bring your cycling and fitness to a whole new level.

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