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May 27 2014

Preparing for the GoPro Games

Preparing for the GoPro Games

The GoPro Games “Ultimate Mountain Challenge” is something I look forward to every year.  The competition combines four endurance events including the kayak down-river sprint, a cross-country mountain bike race, a 10k trail run, and the Vail Pass road bike time trial.  This combination of events suits the mountain endurance athlete and serves as a great test of ability in the four disciplines. 

Here are my tips for a great performance at the Ultimate Mountain Challenge:

The Down-River Sprint

For me, the kayaking leg is all about damage control.  I can’t speak to the expert kayaker, but beginners listen up.  Rent a sit-on-top kayak, stay in the fast water and out of the bushes, and paddle hard.  Remember, the river does most of the work!  The maximum boat length is 12 feet so remember a longer boat is a faster boat.

The X-country Mountain Bike

The mountain bike course is all about elevation gain - you will either be going up or down.  Prepare for the long sustained climbs with...Read More