Dec 17 2014

Move Your Body!

Everyday our lives take us in many directions: caring for children, working full time-jobs, traveling, etc.  While accomplishing the tasks at hand, we humans don’t just use one muscle to get it all done. We move the whole body as a unit, so why approach fitness training differently? 

It is always challenging to come into a gym setting, wander around trying to figure out what to do, where to begin, and how to approach this time you have set aside to workout.  Many times gym patrons default to something familiar like a chest press machine because it’s easy to sit down, find a doable weight, (or one that may be beyond their range of strength), and settle in for few sets.  After the chest press, they move onto the leg extension machine for some quad work before moving to another machine.

First, let me give props to them for doing an upper and lower body exercise, but the concept of combining these two types of exercises has yet to enter their mind.  The fact is that this person in the gym, while commendable for sure, could maybe spend their time in a more efficient way.  Finding a way to combine two exercises into one can be a real task for any fitness enthusiast.  

If we can mimic the way we move outside of the gym while we are working out inside the gym, the time would be much better spent.  One can use weights, cables, boxes and other equipment to create exercises that follow natural movement patterns that are beneficial in daily life, no matter what your schedule has in store.

Identifying goals is hugely important at Dogma Athletica, and working with a trainer to maximize efficiency in the gym will keep you on track to hit your targets. I've seen it for years, people come into a gym and say they were there for an hour, but really they got about twenty minutes of actual work done.  At Dogma we understand that your time is precious, so your workout time should be intensely focused and tailored to your specific needs.

We were put on this earth to move, so let’s reinforce movement patterns with exercises that support our vitality.  Contact Dogma’s front desk to schedule a functional movement screening or make an appointment with Rife today!

This article was written by Dogma Athletica employee, Rife Hilgartner.