Nov 21 2017

Missy McDonald

Missy McDonald

What is your Philosophy?

I feel as a Personal Trainer/Coach, my job is to bring positive change to people's lives.  I strive to provide safe, challenging, fun and effective sessions to anyone wanting to achieve a fitness/weight loss goal or rehab an injury.

What makes you passionate about training?
Building close relationships/watching clients exceed their goals and keep wanting more.  It's fun to watch a shift occur in their physical/mental confidence and abilities.  Often that new confidence expands into all areas of their lives.  Helping to facilitate that confidence is really rewarding and keeps me motivated and passionate about training.

How did you get into the field?
I was in my Sophomore year at Univ. of Texas, my major was Art and my Life Drawing Professor suggest I find another major. I was crushed and cried my way over to my Career Counselor and she asked me what my interests were I replied Soccer and working out. She told me of a brand new degree called Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology.......
The End.

What is your most successful/rewarding client story?
My second year of being a trainer, Bill was referred to me by the owner of the studio I trained at.  Bill was from Boston, loud, abrasive and every other word was an F bomb.  He was 6'2" 365lbs, diabetic, on all kinds of blood pressure Meds, sleep apnea, super self conscious about his size and not really on board with the working out deal. He pretty much hated me most days.  After two years, he had lost around 140lbs, weaning off blood pressure Meds, sleeping better and joined a Hockey League.  He moved 45 miles away and it was no longer convenient for us to meet.  So I found a qualified Trainer close to his new home and he continued on his journey and lost an additional 30 pounds.
When Bill heard that I was moving back to Colorado he took me to lunch and thanked me for "saving his life."  He was completely off all his Meds, no longer diabetic and weighed 195lbs.  I felt so honored to be a part of that kind of transformation and super touched that after two years of not training him, he felt the need to tell me....I was crying huge tears gratitude. (I'm crying now as I write this;)

Tell us something nobody knows about you!
I rode my horse to school 6th -8th grade...Yee Haw!!