Nov 14 2017

Lauren Ruhl

Lauren Ruhl

What is your Philosophy?
As a trainer, my philosophy is to help individuals learn and become aware on how to live the happiest and healthiest life. The six main functional movement patterns are critical to understand for the way we live. We utilize these movements almost every day when we pick up things, clean the car and house, and when we perform daily movements. Therefore, it is important to understand how to perform these movements correctly before diving into all the other great exercises one can perform! The body is capable of doing so many incredible things, and as a trainer I want to support and guide my clients to feeling that they are capable of more than they could imagine. Exercising is the best form of therapy and it makes us feel better about ourselves and the way that we live. Exercising is the physical component of being fit and healthy, and as a trainer, I strongly believe that it is just as important to integrate a psychological piece to training. With that, I emphasize on working with my clients in a very holistic way and support them both on the mental and physical side of fitness.  

What makes you passionate about training?
I’m passionate about helping individual’s see all the great things they can do in life. Many people get frustrated and down about fitness because they aren’t “where they want to be.” I love to support individual’s in the process of becoming more self-confident and creating a happier overall life. Being able to guide people and see there growth, see their smiles, and see their progress is a humbling and gratifying feeling. We all deserve to be happy and feel great and that is what drives me to be the best trainer I can be.  

How did you get into the field?
I have always been interested in the fitness and sports medicine world. I was originally a physical therapist major, and after becoming injured, I realized the importance of the mental side of fitness and sport. After obtaining my master’s in sport & performance psychology, I became even more passionate about wanting to help athletes on the mental and physical side of fitness. I knew that I didn’t know enough about the physical aspect of fitness so I wanted to learn as much as I could and become a trainer. You can never stop learning about all the amazing things our bodies can do, so for me, I have become invested in wanting to understand the mind-body connection and how we can optimize our daily performances. 

What is your most successful/rewarding client story? 
Being new to the field, I don’t have a stand out client story that I can think of. However, I would say that being able to have clients use heavier weight, understand and perform movements in the correct way without me having to cue them is an amazing progress and improvement. Their bodies begin to adapt and their cardiovascular fitness increases simultaneously. Seeing my clients smile and feel proud of themselves for their progress is what makes the job so gratifying. I enjoy supporting my clients along an amazing fitness journey.

Tell us something nobody knows about you!
No one in my family knows where I got my super curly hair from!