Feb 5 2019


As we move into February it's important to take one last reminder on the tools we need to maintain the attitude of being accepting to change...


LASTING CHANGE: Cultivate an “ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE” in Maintaining Change

One month into 2019 and you are on a roll! The positive changes you’ve taken on for 2019 is no small feat!

So, how do we remain committed and MAINTAIN the positive healthy changes we’ve adopted and not return to the ‘old’?  Recently I discovered a slip back into some “old habits” months after completion of my very first Triathlon! How would I get back on track? I discovered being healthy is a lifelong journey of committed, intentional healthy changes.

I’ve cultivated an Attitude of Gratitude and ‘rewired my brain’ with positive thoughts toward healthy living. If you find yourself having difficulty maintaining your healthy changes, start at the top…being mindful and appreciative every day! Then come join like-minded people at Dogma Athletica who understand your mission!


Awareness: FEEL PROUD and Grateful for your accomplishments! Write a daily message (dry erase…or permanent marker…your choice!) on your bathroom/bedroom mirror such as I FEEL SO PROUD! Or WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY I WILL HAVE or I AM SO GRATEFUL for the beautiful mountains, etc.

Counter negative with positive: Immediately counter a negative thought such as “ I can’t believe that idiot just cut me off! With “What an awesome bumper sticker!”

Express Gratitude: Tell all those around you on a daily basis how much you love and appreciate them. Use the words, “I appreciate you”….you should see the reaction from people when I use that phrase.

Be Grateful for LAUGHTER and SMILE: This creates positive energy all around you…look at all the studies conducted on the health benefits of keeping a smile on your face!

- Nancy Hines