Aug 21 2018

Guess who’s back? Back again?

Guess who’s back? Back again?

Amy's back! Tell a friend!

We are over the moon to welcome back Amy Baker to the Vail Valley and even more so to Dogma. Those of you that have taken classes with Amy know just how lucky we are to have her back. For those of you that haven't, get to know Amy a little more...

"Yoga came to me in early adulthood when my life was full of wrongs, imbalance, excess and disconnection. Through the grace of countless teachers and dedicated practice I have come to find all aspects of this practice to help me see my innate goodness and to challenge who I am beyond my self-conceived bounds. Each time I come to my mat or the cushion I find an opportunity to remember and reunite with the qualities I need to amplify in order to more skillfully ride the waves of my life. These include but are never limited to; patience, perseverance, surrender, kindness, curiosity and finding joy in the rise and fall of life.

With over a decade of diverse practice and study and a degree in Exercise Physiology I classify myself as a yoga mutt. Though my style has had many incarnations it has always been influenced by thoughtful, direct alignment and sequence with a heavy emphasis on breath. My classes offer the sweat of vinyasa, the wisdom of anatomically sound sequencing and the space to look within. I will forever be a curious and eternal student. I am grateful for Ana Forrest, Darren Rhodes, Christina Sell and Andre Ram for giving me the invaluable tools to teach, to Gina Caputo for polishing and strengthening those skills and to my 3 daughters who are constant reminders of the power of presence, light and love.

I have taught over 1000 hours of teacher training's and look forward to you joining me on my next one. The mountains have always been my home and after 7 years of growth and incredible experience in Denver I am happy to be home. I am currently studying with The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching in the hope that I can more skillfully guide my students towards discovering their gifts and share them with the world."