Oct 19 2017

Bryan Maroney

Bryan Maroney

Dogma has a great team of trainers and over the next several weeks we would like to introduce them to you! Bryan has been with Dogma for 4 years, he brings positive energy and a great sense of humor to each session.

We finally had a chance to catch up with Bryan and ask him a few questions.


What is your Philosophy?

"look good, feel good, play good"
I believe everyone should have a goal of looking good, feeling good and/or playing good.  I not only believe in having one of these goals but also enjoying the process to achieving your goal.   

What makes you passionate about training?

I enjoy helping people reach their strength and fitness goals.  I love bringing a fun yet effective environment to the training process. I also enjoy working with injured clients.  Whether they are pre or post-surgery or just rolled an ankle hiking up Vail mountain I am passionate about getting the client back to the active lifestyle they enjoy.


How did you get into the field?

I studied Exercise Science with a concentration in Athletic Training at Southern Connecticut University.  I decided this degree because I thought how awesome would it be to watch sports all day and help athletes perform at their highest level.  Now, I take what I have learned through my education and experience to help people with of all abilities and ages look and feel their best.     

What is your most successful/rewarding client story

Its hard to pick just one but I would say having a client tell you they crushed all the fitness tests in their pre-season training and that they are the strongest and fastest on the team and just got named captain is pretty awesome and rewarding.

Tell us something nobody knows about you!
I have my ear pierced!