Oct 14 2014

Avoid the Cold & Flu this Season!

Avoid the Cold & Flu this Season!

The Vail Valley is right in the swing of cold & flu season. These viruses are more stable in cooler temperatures and are more easily transmitted in less humid climates.  This puts our population at higher risk for exposure than people in warmer and wetter climates.

Bolstering your immune system is the best way to avoid getting infected, along with good hand washing and proper hygiene.  When working with clients who have autoimmune issues, I have been keenly interested in finding ways to help bolster the body's natural protection system.  

Here are the most effective ways you can combat cold and flu viruses this season:

1.  Wash your hands frequently.  This is a good way to get the rhino virus off of your skin.  When you have a runny nose, use a Kleenex or clean handkerchief to wipe your nose instead of your hand. The viruses are easily transmitted from your hand to your mucus in your nasal passages.

2.  Implement a virus fighting regimen, designed to boost the body's immune system.  A combination of these supplements has proven statistically to keep people healthier during cold and flu season.
Oleuropein - During this time of year take three tablets twice a day to increase your resistance. When feeling a cold coming on, increase to three tablets three times per day. (Side benefit: new data shows Oleuropein to also be beneficial for mobilizing body fat stores!)
PC-95 - The proanthocyanidin in PC-95 is the most powerful anti-oxidant available. It bolsters your immune system and helps fight free radicals. There are a multitude of health benefits from this compound. During the cold & flu season, take four tablets twice per day.  When feeling a cold coming on, increase to four tablets three times per day.
Vitamin C - There has been much data on the effectiveness of Vitamin C in fighting the common cold.  Here's the truth.  There is data that shows people taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C have a shorter and less intense cold than the placebo group, but it is not a large difference. However, there is a strong correlation between the subjects taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C not getting infected or having cold symptoms, whereas the placebo group contracted colds and had symptoms as usual. This time of the year, take 1000 mg of Vitamin C daily. When feeling a cold coming on increase to 1000 mg twice per day.
Zinc - There has been conflicting data on the efficacy of Zinc in common cold clinical trials. Much of this has been due to different rates of bioavailability in different Zinc supplements. 
Here's the truth.  Zinc by itself does prove to reduce the duration of cold symptoms but not the severity of those symptoms. By itself, Zinc doesn't show a large ability to protect from getting a cold, but used in conjunction with the other items listed above it does have a synergistic effect. This time of the year take 75 mg of zinc per day. When feeling a cold coming on increase to 75 mg twice per day.  

3.  Lots of pure, clean water.  Staying well hydrated is very beneficial in preventing the common cold and flu. Especially in our colder, dryer climate. To stay ahead of a cold when you feel it brewing, try consuming one gallon of distilled water per day.

-Get the Cold & Flu protection pack to stay healthy this season. Together these supplements provide you with the best protection from viruses. Purchase as a pack and receive 15% off!  Take 3 Oleuropein twice daily, 4 PC-95 twice daily, 1000 mg Vitamin C and 75 mg of Zinc to shield yourself from winter's common ailments!