Blogs from November 2018

Nov 29 2018

We exist so You can change

We exist so You can change

One of the paradoxes of the aspirational person centers on positive, personal change. We want to evolve and get better, but we are creatures of habit. And in our habituation we find familiarity and competence. Competence has always been rewarded. Coloring inside the lines is something we were taught in kindergarten.
Most people will do something for a very long time because it feels familiar. Even if it leads to suffering. The familiar feedback loop creates comfort. Combined with the fear of being even temporarily incompetent keeps them feeling stuck. 
The Dogma Athletica patron is unique. Our tribe is a group of people seeking to Live It to their full potential. You choose to lean into that fear of change.
Change is the unfamiliar.
Change creates incompetence.
Mastery of the temporary incompetence creates growth.
The pot of gold lies outside your comfort zone. Think about the things you value most in life. All of them have a common thread; you worked hard for them. You...Read More

Nov 28 2018

A message from Rod for actionable steps this holiday season

A message from Rod for actionable steps this holiday season

Many people asked me about actionable steps for a healthy holiday season after reading yesterdays blog post.  If you are determined to feel, look and act in a way aligned with your best self this season, these are imperative first steps.

Commit – Commit to living out this holiday season differently.  To live differently takes a decisive declaration.  View it as a way to actually give more to the people you love.  Write down your commitment to yourself and the strong “why” behind it.  Remember, you can’t give from an empty vessel.

Schedule your time blocks – It’s your life.  It’s your time.  If you don’t schedule your self-care time, then someone else is going to dictate your schedule to you.  Don’t view it as a zero sum game; that time for healthy endeavors takes away time from other responsibilities.  All the data shows time invested in your health dramatically improves your productivity, creativity and quality of work.

Embrace the stress relief – Exercise is the organic Xanax. ...Read More

Nov 13 2018

Good News!!

Good News!!

We outgrew our current group fitness/yoga studio. Dogma will take over the California Closet space in Riverwalk!

We will hold a FREE Community Fitness class Thanksgiving Morning!
We would love for you and  your friends to join us!

The cost: Canned goods or winter clothing for our local non-profit Bright Future Foundation.

Stayed tuned.... over the next few weeks as we roll out more details

*Bright Future Foundation empower individuals and families affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.