Blogs from October 2014

Oct 27 2014

Strength Training for Young Athletes

As parents in an active community, you might hear that strength training is not recommended for pre-adolescents due to concerns of injury and the belief that children are incapable of increasing strength through resistance training.  Let’s look a bit deeper at the facts and put an end to this myth!

According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), a properly designed strength training program can increase a child’s strength, improve motor skills and sports performance, as well as prevent injuries in youth sports and recreational activities.  

You may be wondering, “What age is ok for my young athlete to begin strength training?”

The best age group to begin resistance training with is the pre-adolescent age group (9-14 years).  In the pre-adolescent age group, improvements in strength training come from neuromuscular development, which is the honing of fine motor skills.  Therefore, this age group is ideal to teach coordination and stability to.  Additionally,...Read More

Oct 14 2014

Avoid the Cold & Flu this Season!

Avoid the Cold & Flu this Season!

The Vail Valley is right in the swing of cold & flu season. These viruses are more stable in cooler temperatures and are more easily transmitted in less humid climates.  This puts our population at higher risk for exposure than people in warmer and wetter climates.

Bolstering your immune system is the best way to avoid getting infected, along with good hand washing and proper hygiene.  When working with clients who have autoimmune issues, I have been keenly interested in finding ways to help bolster the body's natural protection system.  

Here are the most effective ways you can combat cold and flu viruses this season:

1.  Wash your hands frequently.  This is a good way to get the rhino virus off of your skin.  When you have a runny nose, use a Kleenex or clean handkerchief to wipe your nose instead of your hand. The viruses are easily transmitted from your hand to your mucus in your nasal passages.

2.  Implement a virus fighting regimen, designed to boost the body's immune...Read More

Oct 6 2014

Prevent Back Pain this Season

Prevent Back Pain this Season

As the weather starts to get colder and the leaves continue to fall most of us are wondering, "How big is this winter going to be?"  Following that question, some have another looming question, "…is my back going to hold up through the winter?"

Don't let nagging back pain slow you down this winter, be proactive and prepare now!  Many of us live in the Vail Valley because our social lives revolve around outdoor activities, which we love.  So, it is important that we understand and listen to back pain when it rears its ugly head instead of ignoring it.  Choosing to push through pain often results in endless hours of physical therapy or even more drastically, a visit to an orthopedic or nerve specialist.

Here are a couple tips to help you protect your back and get ready for an epic winter:


Being tight in the body is uncomfortable and restricting.  In fact, tightness in joints and muscles can pull your spine and body out of alignment. To prevent that from happening, it is...Read More