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Aug 31 2017



Brian Aberle!!   


Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you work out.

I've always been an active and athletic person. Throughout my life I feel I've played every sport, and yet physically I am always trying to do more.  We moved to Colorado in 2003 to be not only closer to nature but also to surround ourselves more with other active people. As I've gotten older and with pesky work stuff and desk time getting in the way, I found my fitness was slipping, resulting in my fitness regime consisting of more weekend warrior activities than everyday warrior activities. As a result, I found myself injured more often to the point of a few chronic injury conditions brewing up. I work out to regain and retain all I can of my youth, since the more I play the happier I am.


Why do you enjoy coming to Dogma and how has it helped you?


Where do I begin? Over the years, I've had to manage a bad knee from a injury when I was quite young. I've had several corrective and reconstructive...Read More