Blogs from July 2015

Jul 21 2015

Wanna be a better Cyclist?

...Hit the gym!

As we reach the height of the summer and the daylight has us waking early in the morning, some of us have a big cycling event planned. Whether it's the River Ride, the Leadville 100 or just a long ride with friends, this is time of year that we bulk up on extra miles in preparation for our event. You may be surprised to know that great benefit can come from training one day per week off the bike.

When we hear “off the bike,” it’s usually associated with a day of rest and recovery. To get max benefit from your training, it’s logical to take a rest day as well as a cross-training day. By spending one solid hour in the gym cross-training, your body adapts new strengths that can be applied to long endurance efforts or short racing efforts.

In taking a closer look at our posture on the bike, it’s clear the body is being held in a fixed position (using unilateral strength of each leg). Working full body exercises in the gym helps to build body awareness, balance, pelvic...Read More

Jul 8 2015

Specific demands of Beaver Creek XTERRA

Specific demands of Beaver Creek XTERRA

The XTERRA Mountain Championship in Beaver Creek, Colorado marks a turning point in the XTERRA US championship series with a shift to big mountain races.  The consistent theme is long, sustained climbs on the bike and run.  Beaver Creek (Mountain Championship), Ogden (US Championship), and Maui (World Championship) all present over 3,000 feet of climbing on the 15-20 mile mountain bike leg and over 1200 ft of climbing on the 10k trail run.  Both the Mountain Championship and the National Championship have a net elevation gain with the lake at the lowest point and the second transition and the finish line at a higher elevation.  This favors the stronger climbers and are considered to be less technical courses.  

The race in Beaver Creek begins with the swim in Nottingham Lake at about 7,400 feet above sea level.  Even for Colorado athletes, a high-altitude swim needs to be approached differently than a swim at low elevation.  Most triathletes at some point have experienced anxiety in...Read More