Blogs from July 2014

Jul 17 2014

Training the Team Athlete to Prevent Injury

Are you constantly getting injured? Struggling through pre-season workouts with joint and muscle pain?  Maybe you are nervous about playing at the College level?  Most likely you are not prepared well enough for your upcoming season.

Many athletes at the high school and college level don’t understand the importance of year-round strength training.  Some athletes decide they don’t need to begin exercising until they become injured or are returning from surgery.  In most cases, these injuries could have been prevented with proper movement patterns and the correct strength training programs.  As a Certified Athletic Trainer and Personal Trainer at Dogma Athletica, I believe the most important piece of an athlete’s season is injury prevention. 

Looking at the injury report for almost all team sports, studies show an increase in most injuries during pre-season or during the first month of the season.  This usually occurs because preseason is a time where players are competing for...Read More