Blogs from June 2014

Jun 24 2014

Attention Outdoor Athletes!

"Range of Motion & Strength for the Outdoor Athlete"

By Brendan Finneran, Dogma Athletica Personal Trainer and USA Cycling Coach

In the Vail Valley, we generate momentum for our summer activities in June. Athletes look forward to translating the months of indoor training to increased performance outdoors now that the weather is nicer. For summer’s athletic pursuits, the focus is endurance training thanks to an increase in daylight hours and hopefully, more time away from work. Endurance training requires more from the body’s aerobic engine and workout efforts rely heavily on stamina. Whether your sport is cycling, running, swimming, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing or a mix of all of these, you can gain an advantage by increasing range of motion and functional strength. A broad scope in your approach to endurance training will keep you engaged, challenged and open to new effective methods this summer.

“Range of motion” is a term applied to an exercise that is aimed at improving...Read More