Blogs from March 2015

Mar 4 2015

What would happen if you did everything right?

Studies show that maintaining a disciplined, focused approach for finite periods of time is a great way to make adaptations in fitness or to break through a plateau. Spring is the perfect time for renewal and physical transformation. For Runners and Cyclists, a focused block to get lean for your outdoor season is just what you need. It’s a good time to hit strength, mobility and movement patterns that will improve performance and prevent injury as well. If you simply want to look and feel better for spring break season and create healthy patterns simultaneously, NOW is the time to do a focused block.

We all get into habitual patterns, and while some of these can be healthy, many are not. Sometimes even your healthy habits hit a bit a wall and begin to feel stagnant.  Your body and mind may go through these actions on “autopilot.”  Therefore, your brain, nervous system,  musculature and cardiovascular system are not getting the stimuli they need to create new adaptations and increased...Read More