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Feb 20 2015

The #1 Nutritional Tool for Brain Health

The #1 Nutritional Tool for Brain Health

Benefits of DHA:

  • Clarity of Mind and Focused Attention, Safe for Adults and Children 
  • Improves Cardiovascular Blood Profiles 
  • Decreases Inflammation and Prevents Disease 
  • Increased Metabolism

DHA is the acronym for the all-important Omega-3's found in marine oils and other phospholipids.  By now you've heard that Omega oils are important, but Omega 3's in particular are where most become deficient.  Even with a healthy diet it is easy to experience a DHA deficiency. (Vegetarians and vegans are especially susceptible to DHA deficiency.)

So what is DHA? It is the main building block in the grey matter of your brain.  The brain favors DHA over other fatty acids, so consumption of DHA in the brain is rapid.  When we become deficient (as most Americans are), we experience brain fog, nervous system dysfunction, faltering eye sight and a myriad of issues that interfere with optimal living and thinking.

Recent research proved that Omega 3 supplementation is even more beneficial than...Read More