Jun 24 2019



Before any journey, there is usually some form of an end goal in sight. Whichever path we decide to go down, establishing a consistent level of motivation is essential to staying driven. When the alarm goes off and it’s time to start another day, what motivates you to toss the covers aside and get moving? The discipline we have or don't have unequivocally separates greatness from mediocrity. Whether we’re hiking to an alpine lake or cycling across town or picking up groceries, there is a driving force that propels us to do so.  Finding and maintaining inspiration day in and day out is not always easy. One of Theodore Roosevelt’s famous inspirational quotes speaks to the demeanor of our great former president, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.” With disciplined behavior, it is...Read More

May 21 2019

The manner in which we approach obstacles is indeed relative to the final outcome.

The manner in which we approach obstacles is indeed relative to the final outcome.

The Vail Valley is a destination boasting an endless amounts of outdoor entertainment. Physical and mental fitness are essential to persevere throughout any given activity, even more so high above sea level.

Regardless of all the factors that can dictate our lives, what powers do we have to help us through the most trying circumstances?

Our brain is a magnificent organ that utilizes twenty percent of our blood and oxygen at any given time. In my experience, mindful breathing, mindful walking, and mindful meditation can promote a state of peace, tranquility, and freshness. The mindset we embody directly affects us on a molecular level and can be the difference between failure and success.

The manner in which we approach obstacles is indeed relative to the final outcome.

Smiling is proven to enhance your immune system by manifesting dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin which are all released into your bloodstream, making not only your body relax but also work to lower your heart rate...Read More

Feb 5 2019


As we move into February it's important to take one last reminder on the tools we need to maintain the attitude of being accepting to change...


LASTING CHANGE: Cultivate an “ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE” in Maintaining Change

“Our Job is not to prepare students for something. Our job is to help students prepare themselves for anything”.

One month into 2019 and you are on a roll! The positive changes you’ve taken on for 2019 is no small feat!

So, how do we remain committed and MAINTAIN the positive healthy changes we’ve adopted and not return to the ‘old’?  Recently I discovered a slip back into some “old habits” months after completion of my very first Triathlon! How would I get back on track? I discovered being healthy is a lifelong journey of committed, intentional healthy changes.

I’ve cultivated an Attitude of Gratitude and ‘rewired my brain’ with positive thoughts toward healthy living. If you find yourself having difficulty maintaining your healthy changes, start at the...Read More

Nov 29 2018

We exist so You can change

We exist so You can change

One of the paradoxes of the aspirational person centers on positive, personal change. We want to evolve and get better, but we are creatures of habit. And in our habituation we find familiarity and competence. Competence has always been rewarded. Coloring inside the lines is something we were taught in kindergarten.
Most people will do something for a very long time because it feels familiar. Even if it leads to suffering. The familiar feedback loop creates comfort. Combined with the fear of being even temporarily incompetent keeps them feeling stuck. 
The Dogma Athletica patron is unique. Our tribe is a group of people seeking to Live It to their full potential. You choose to lean into that fear of change.
Change is the unfamiliar.
Change creates incompetence.
Mastery of the temporary incompetence creates growth.
The pot of gold lies outside your comfort zone. Think about the things you value most in life. All of them have a common thread; you worked hard for them. You...Read More

Nov 28 2018

A message from Rod for actionable steps this holiday season

A message from Rod for actionable steps this holiday season

Many people asked me about actionable steps for a healthy holiday season after reading yesterdays blog post.  If you are determined to feel, look and act in a way aligned with your best self this season, these are imperative first steps.

Commit – Commit to living out this holiday season differently.  To live differently takes a decisive declaration.  View it as a way to actually give more to the people you love.  Write down your commitment to yourself and the strong “why” behind it.  Remember, you can’t give from an empty vessel.

Schedule your time blocks – It’s your life.  It’s your time.  If you don’t schedule your self-care time, then someone else is going to dictate your schedule to you.  Don’t view it as a zero sum game; that time for healthy endeavors takes away time from other responsibilities.  All the data shows time invested in your health dramatically improves your productivity, creativity and quality of work.

Embrace the stress relief – Exercise is the organic Xanax. ...Read More

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