Physiological and Performance Testing

Regular physiological testing can be the most overlooked tool to structuring any athlete’s plan. These tests give your coach the markers needed to customize a plan based on you. Continued testing ensures that the coach and client are working toward a goal in the proper way. It allows us to systematically improve the athlete's performance over an extended period of time.

In a controlled environment you will be led through several tests that give you and your coach information to train properly, identify weaknesses, monitor progress and predict potential.

Body Composition and BMI

Body composition is analyzed by measuring the ratio of the body's fat mass to its fat-free mass. It even analyzes intra- and extra-cellular water to ensure repeat tests are accurate and don't fluctuate with levels of hydration. It will analyze composition in the trunk and each of the limbs. You will be given a report and you can see where you are gaining muscle and where you are losing body fat. All this data helps you work toward your target weight and body composition.

Pricing: Member $50 | Non-Member $75 

Resting Metabolic Rate

Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the rate at which your body burns calories at rest. It is the number of calories your body needs to perform basic physiological functions. We will perform a resting metabolic rate test to find out exactly what your individual caloric needs are.
This assists your coach in structuring training and nutrition to help you reach your health and body composition goals. Monitoring caloric volume helps us help you lose those unwanted pounds, get lean to look and perform your very best.

Pricing: Member $100 | Non-Member $150

Submaximal/V02 Max Test

The VO2 Max test determines an athlete's maximum capacity to consume oxygen for the purpose of producing energy. It gives a good idea of the potential for an endurance athlete. Your max VO2 figure represents your upper limit of aerobic exercise tolerance. Absolute VO2 max is measured in mL/min. and relative VO2 max is measured in mL/kg/min. Most athletes typically refer to relative VO2 max because body size and weight are important factors in performance.
We can perform cycling-specific VO2 tests on our Velotron Ergometer or running-specific tests on our Woodway Super treadmills. A certified coach will have you breathe into our metabolic cart system while they run you through a protocol that pushes the limits of your muscular and aerobic systems. The test measures the volume of oxygen you exhale relative to the amount of CO2 you produce - giving us your VO2 max.

Pricing: Member $100 | Non-Member $175

Lactate Threshold Test

The Lactate Threshold test is a critical determinant of performance in endurance sports, and unlike VO2 max, it can change drastically with training over the course of your season.
You will perform protocols on our Velotron Ergometer or on our Woodway Super treadmill while breathing into our metabolic cart system. We will be able to determine your wattage and/or heart rate at Lactate threshold. This test also gives us a full Metabolic Profile, which identifies how many fat calories and carbohydrate calories you burn at different intensities. This is unique to you, and it is trainable. As your engine becomes more efficient, your metabolic profile changes. Your trainer can use this information to develop a custom training program for you.

Pricing: Member $100 | Non-Member $175

VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold Test

A combination of V02 Max & Lactate Threshold testing.

Pricing: Member $175 | Non-Member $275

Custom Orthotics

The foot is amazing in that it supports us in almost all of our daily activities. Like the tires of a car, feet are often overlooked as we consider physiology, comfort, and performance. In fact, our stability, mobility and sensitivity to our surroundings depend on the 28 bones, 27 muscles, and 33 distinct levels of the articular mobility of the foot. So, when the foot fatigues or hurts, the body is sure to follow.
Keeping your foot comfortable, resistant to strain, and stable are great ways to increase your athletic performance. We will take a custom mold of each foot and have the pros at Podium Footwear build the correct foot bed for your foot, shoe and activity. The team at Podium Footwear has been building orthotics for professional cyclists, tri-athletes and runners for over 15 years. The difference in moving in a custom shoe system brings a whole new pleasure to the activities you love.

(Price dependent on amount of correction and type of activity.)