Independent Monthly Membership: $145   /   Initiation Fee: $100

Independent 1-Week Membership: $95

Family Monthly Membership: $195   /   Initiation Fee: $150

Family 1-Week Membership: $125

Drop-In: $25

What’s included with a Membership:

  • Unlimited Yoga, CompuTrainer, and Fitness Classes
  • Access to the entire gym facility
  • Priority for special programs


Class Drop-in: $25     10-Class Punch Card: $180    Monthly Independent Membership: $130

Winter Bike Storage: $60/month


Class Drop-in: $20     10-Pass Punch Card: $160    Monthly Independent Membership: $130

Private Session: $100/hour


Class Drop-in: $20    10-Pass Punch Card: $180


*Corporate membership packages and discounts are available for students, teachers, firefighters & paramedics.  Please contact us for more information.

  • Dogma is hands down the best gym/resource for getting and staying fit. Everything is top notch. The trainers, equipment, diet support and friendships are all on a level that is above anything I have every experienced anywhere else. They helped me loose 55 lbs and transform my fitness. I am 3 years into working with them and I am still psyched.

    G. P.