Independent Monthly Membership: $145   /   Initiation Fee: $100

Independent 1-Week Membership: $95

Family Monthly Membership: $195   /   Initiation Fee: $150

Family 1-Week Membership: $125

Drop-In: $25

What’s included with a Membership:

  • Unlimited Yoga, CompuTrainer, and Fitness Classes
  • Access to the entire gym facility
  • Priority for special programs


Class Drop-in: $25     10-Class Punch Card: $180    Monthly Independent Membership: $130

Winter Bike Storage: $60/month


Class Drop-in: $20     10-Pass Punch Card: $160    Monthly Independent Membership: $130

Private Session: $100/hour


Class Drop-in: $20    10-Pass Punch Card: $180


*Corporate membership packages and discounts are available for students, teachers, firefighters & paramedics.  Please contact us for more information.

  • This is the perfect place to come and connect with conscious community around fitness as well as yoga. The facility is so clean, the staff is present and kind, and the yoga studio is DELICIOUS! I consider myself a bit of a 'yoga snob' and travel a lot, experiencing different teachers. I must say that the options for yoga teachers and styles is pretty fantastic! Do yourself a favor and pop on in when you are in Vail, you will be so glad you did!

    Valerie D’Ambrosio