Independent Auto-Pay Monthly Membership: $145   /   Initiation Fee: $100

Independent 1-Week Membership: $85

Family Auto-Pay Monthly Membership: $195   /   Initiation Fee: $150

Family 1-Week Membership: $115

Gym Day Pass: $25

What’s included with a Membership:

  • Unlimited Yoga, CompuTrainer Open Rides, Live It Loose, and Live It! Sweat It! at 12:30 M/W/F
  • Access to the entire gym facility
  • Priority for special programs

PUNCH CARDS (6 month exp.)

10 Punches: $180

5-Punches: $90

*punch cards can be used for yoga classes, computrainer open rides, gym use, or Live It! Sweat It! clasees on M/W/F at 12:30.


Independent Auto Pay Yoga Membership: $99

Family Auto-Pay Membership: $149

10-Punch Yoga Only: $140


First Intro Month: $199

Auto-Pay Membership: $259

Drop In: $30

  • I was referred to Dogma by a close friend.  I had been overweight and out of shape for the past 12 years and because of my age I was skeptical about how beneficial the program would be for me.  The Dogma 50 day challenge changed my life.  I was 235lbs, had a 38” waist, high blood pressure and was taking medication for high cholesterol.  Thanks to the program I am now 199” lbs, have a 34 waist, no longer take cholesterol medication and my blood pressure is that of a 20 year old.  If you are willing to commit to this program you will see the results you’re looking for.

    Lloyd Y.