The gym at Dogma Athletica is filled with state of the art equipment to meet anyone’s fitness goals. We value personal attention and relationships with our members. Therefore we limit membership numbers to avoid an overcrowded or intimidating environment. Our goal is provide you with the tools to meet your needs in a space that you can enjoy being present in.

Dogma Athletica’s yoga studio is a welcoming space where class participants can grow their own practice free of expectation or judgment. Dogma’s yoga program embraces the organization’s “Live It” motto and offers classes and workshops geared toward learning how to incorporate yoga into life beyond the mat.

Our weight room offers state-of-the-art, multi-functional Freemotion Fitness equipment, as well as a wide range of free weights, Power Lift cages, Hammer Strength equipment, a Vertimax plyometric trainer, a MVP power glide Shuttle, medicine balls, kettle bells and more.

After much research, Precor elliptical machines, Cyclops stationary bikes, and Woodway treadmills came out winners as the best possible cardio equipment. Dogma has all of these things plus a Super-G Treadmill and a Woodway Curve treadmill to take you through any cardio or cross training regimen.

  • "I needed a physical to update my life insurance policy.  My physician contacted me with the results and he seemed somewhat surprised.
    All my markers showed improved health — blood markers, hormone profiles, weight and body composition.  He indicated I have actually increased
    my vitality and youthfulness even though I am getting older.  He indicated that he almost never sees this.  This also saved me a lot of money on 
    my insurance premiums.  I attribute this positive change to the good work and support I have received at Dogma the last few years.  Thank you so
    much for providing expert training and a supportive culture.  I am a testament to your good work."