Blogs from September 2014

Sep 25 2014

Time to Think About Ski Conditioning

Time to Think About Ski Conditioning

Planning to ski yourself into shape this winter?  This is a tactic we have all tried at some point over the years, likely without much success.  Part of the reason is that ski season should actually start during this time of fall transition.  Think about it: Vail Valley residents spend endless hours in the summertime enjoying recreational pursuits like hiking, biking, running and paddling.  These activities are great for priming our aerobic engines, but not necessarily for developing muscle groups.   Then the season changes to fall and our gaze shifts upward toward the high peaks.

Now is the time to build upon the foundation of summer activities by hitting the gym in order to improve winter fitness.  Training facilities across the Valley will offer specific ski-conditioning programs to get participants working on strength patterns that mimic the demands of skiing and riding.  Dogma Athletica is no exception.  Starting the week of October 13, trainer Brendan Finneran will lead a...Read More

Sep 15 2014

How Important is Nutrition in Your Fitness?

There is an old adage in the fitness industry – You can’t out exercise poor nutrition.

This has become increasingly true as the food industry has created highly addictive, nutritionally void and calorie dense foods.   People looking for optimal health and vitality must be highly aware not to fall into the trappings that lead to lethargy, chronic illness and weight gain.

Regarding body composition and weight management, it is estimated that 75% of the equation is really about food intake.  It becomes very easy to over-consume especially with the habit-forming foods that flood most grocery store shelves, restaurants and advertisements.  These foods are non-satiating and are designed to create over-consumption, and with high frequency!  We have all known that feeling: you eat something sweet and sugary, and you keep eating it until the bag is empty.  You feel sick and listless and somewhat guilty then several hours later you are hungry again.  This is a frequent cycle for many people,...Read More