Jun 22 2015

Vail Baby Boomers…America’s Healthiest Population?

Vail Baby Boomers…America’s Healthiest Population?

In 2014, a poll was conducted across the United States.  It questioned various demographics about their commitment to health, fitness and vitality.  The results showed that the Baby-Boomer population presented a much higher interest in health and wellness than Millennials, Gen-X’ers or Traditionalists.  The Vail Valley is home to many retired Baby Boomers.  This population is drawn to the high quality of life, often purchasing a retirement home and embracing Vail’s healthy lifestyle.  I wonder - could the Valley’s Baby Boomer population be among the healthiest in the country?

The “Baby Boomer” population is characterized by a strong work ethic and analytical outlook.  This group not only has interest in their health, but they actively seek instruction on how to maximize quality of life.  As the Vail Valley gets into the swing of summer, Baby- Boomers are arriving and looking to participate in outdoor activities. They want to take part in hiking, cycling and golf, as well as positive...Read More

May 18 2015

Training for Youth Athletes…It’s All About Movement

Training for Youth Athletes…It’s All About Movement

The Vail Valley provides a great environment for young athletes to be active and healthy.  Our natural terrain is suited to developing skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers and trail runners.  We have wonderful organizations for youth soccer and lacrosse.   But what are the important training aspects to help our children succeed in their respective sport?  What training protocols are essential to propel them to become better overall athletes and minimize injury?   

Foundational movement development should be at the core of any aspiring young athletes approach to training.   What do sports trainer specialists mean by Foundational Movements?  There are fundamental athletic movement skill patterns that are essential in nearly every sport.   Athletes that learn and master these at a young age have a much higher degree of success in their sports but also have better awareness of their bodies in space and lower incidence of injury.   Learning these skills at younger ages is also beneficial...Read More

Mar 4 2015

What would happen if you did everything right?

Studies show that maintaining a disciplined, focused approach for finite periods of time is a great way to make adaptations in fitness or to break through a plateau. Spring is the perfect time for renewal and physical transformation. For Runners and Cyclists, a focused block to get lean for your outdoor season is just what you need. It’s a good time to hit strength, mobility and movement patterns that will improve performance and prevent injury as well. If you simply want to look and feel better for spring break season and create healthy patterns simultaneously, NOW is the time to do a focused block.

We all get into habitual patterns, and while some of these can be healthy, many are not. Sometimes even your healthy habits hit a bit a wall and begin to feel stagnant.  Your body and mind may go through these actions on “autopilot.”  Therefore, your brain, nervous system,  musculature and cardiovascular system are not getting the stimuli they need to create new adaptations and increased...Read More

Feb 20 2015

The #1 Nutritional Tool for Brain Health

The #1 Nutritional Tool for Brain Health

Benefits of DHA:

  • Clarity of Mind and Focused Attention, Safe for Adults and Children 
  • Improves Cardiovascular Blood Profiles 
  • Decreases Inflammation and Prevents Disease 
  • Increased Metabolism

DHA is the acronym for the all-important Omega-3's found in marine oils and other phospholipids.  By now you've heard that Omega oils are important, but Omega 3's in particular are where most become deficient.  Even with a healthy diet it is easy to experience a DHA deficiency. (Vegetarians and vegans are especially susceptible to DHA deficiency.)

So what is DHA? It is the main building block in the grey matter of your brain.  The brain favors DHA over other fatty acids, so consumption of DHA in the brain is rapid.  When we become deficient (as most Americans are), we experience brain fog, nervous system dysfunction, faltering eye sight and a myriad of issues that interfere with optimal living and thinking.

Recent research proved that Omega 3 supplementation is even more beneficial than...Read More

Jan 8 2015

The Three “F” Words…

The Three “F” Words…

Whether we find ourselves standing on skis, a snowboard, snowshoes or skins, the winter season always lures us back to the snow. Rarely do we take a moment to evaluate the training we put in prior to hitting the slopes, but by examining a simple exercise called the reverse lunge, we can assess whether or not we did enough to prepare. Taking a sharper look at this one movement also helps to identify the three “F” words of fitness: Form, Function and Fun.

First, let’s define the three fitness “F” words. Form is how we align our body when performing a specific task. It speaks greatly to where we have strengths or limitations. When our form is focused on moving with intention and control, our strengths are enhanced and our limiters become a valued asset. Function is the way we apply exercises to an outdoor pursuit. For instance, gym exercises are meant to mimic the demands of a sport you are active in. This builds a platform of movement that can be repeated when you are engaging in your...Read More

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