Jun 4 2018



When transformation comes knocking on your door, it unapologetically asks you to let go of parts of yourself and your life that are no longer of service in order move toward that which is. Sometimes, the welcoming of the new is right there to greet you. The key is to have the awareness to recognize it and the courage to take the actions for positive change.

Monumental life transformations don’t happen all that often, but they are the primary shapers of our lives. After reflecting upon my own experiences and those of my clients, I’ve been able to parse many of the signs indicating when we are in the space to commit to a positive transformation.  Awareness is like a road map of understanding that can help you feel more positive while facing transition. May this road map serve as a support net for you, when you are ready to step over to the other side.

1. Something feels "stuck."

Feelings of "stuckness" are something everyone can relate...Read More

Jan 1 2018

We Should All Do Yoga…

...And a Lot of It!

As owner of an athletic training center, I see many types of recreation enthusiasts.  We see accomplished endurance athletes such as cyclists, runners and triathletes.  We also see strength athletes who like to test their anaerobic and aerobic engines with dynamic lifts similar to what you see at a Cross-Fit gym.  We work with all types of individuals on movement patterns to rectify dysfunction in the body while improving motor skills.  

We also have a yoga studio.  I continually recognize that people with optimal mechanics are the ones who have a regular yoga practice.  These people are easy to spot because they have correct postural carriage and excellent body awareness.

This is not to indicate that other activities are not beneficial.  They are tremendously helpful, but yoga is often overlooked by people looking to optimize their health.  A regular yoga practice actually helps other types of activities more than you may think.  If you develop better posture...Read More

Dec 28 2017

How Important is Nutrition in Your Fitness?

There is an old adage in the fitness industry – You can’t out exercise poor nutrition.

This has become increasingly true as the food industry has created highly addictive, nutritionally void and calorie dense foods.   People looking for optimal health and vitality must be highly aware not to fall into the trappings that lead to lethargy, chronic illness and weight gain.

Regarding body composition and weight management, it is estimated that 75% of the equation is really about food intake.  It becomes very easy to over-consume especially with the habit-forming foods that flood most grocery store shelves, restaurants and advertisements.  These foods are non-satiating and are designed to create over-consumption, and with high frequency!  We have all known that feeling: you eat something sweet and sugary, and you keep eating it until the bag is empty.  You feel sick and listless and somewhat guilty then several hours later you are hungry again.  This is a frequent cycle for many people,...Read More

Nov 21 2017

Missy McDonald

Missy McDonald

What is your Philosophy?

I feel as a Personal Trainer/Coach, my job is to bring positive change to people's lives.  I strive to provide safe, challenging, fun and effective sessions to anyone wanting to achieve a fitness/weight loss goal or rehab an injury.

What makes you passionate about training?
Building close relationships/watching clients exceed their goals and keep wanting more.  It's fun to watch a shift occur in their physical/mental confidence and abilities.  Often that new confidence expands into all areas of their lives.  Helping to facilitate that confidence is really rewarding and keeps me motivated and passionate about training.

How did you get into the field?
I was in my Sophomore year at Univ. of Texas, my major was Art and my Life Drawing Professor suggest I find another major. I was crushed and cried my way over to my Career Counselor and she asked me what my interests were I replied Soccer and working out. She told me of a brand new degree called Kinesiology...Read More

Nov 14 2017

Lauren Ruhl

Lauren Ruhl

What is your Philosophy?
As a trainer, my philosophy is to help individuals learn and become aware on how to live the happiest and healthiest life. The six main functional movement patterns are critical to understand for the way we live. We utilize these movements almost every day when we pick up things, clean the car and house, and when we perform daily movements. Therefore, it is important to understand how to perform these movements correctly before diving into all the other great exercises one can perform! The body is capable of doing so many incredible things, and as a trainer I want to support and guide my clients to feeling that they are capable of more than they could imagine. Exercising is the best form of therapy and it makes us feel better about ourselves and the way that we live. Exercising is the physical component of being fit and healthy, and as a trainer, I strongly believe that it is just as important to integrate a psychological piece to training. With that, I...Read More

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