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"Live It" is more than just a philosophy.
Dogma is a training ground for life.
There is a kinship among Dogma members.
They support and motivate each other.
We provide the tools to meet your needs
in a space where you can be truly present.

dogma athletica is a premier gym, cycling and yoga studio based in Vail, CO.

Dogma Athletica is an overarching concept that strives to help you exercise and educate every area of a healthy body and mind. We have assembled an outstanding collection of coaches, trainers and instructors to guide you through a wide variety of programs that will lead you to your fitness and  performance goals. We have extensively studied the science of developing training programs, nutritional programs, and classes to produce effective, efficient results. We have purchased the highest quality, most state-of-the-art equipment for you to use to carry out these programs.